Must Read Books When Preparing for a Homebirth

On March 22nd, 2021, I gave birth to my daughter in the comfort of my very own home. Then again on November 21st, 2022, I was able to experience yet again another beautiful homebirth, another little healthy baby girl. 

Before my first homebirth I took a deep dive into the physiology of birth. One key tool I used for this was reading. I got my hands on as many natural birth books as I could and began reading them one by one. My favorite parts of many of these books were the homebirth stories. It was reassuring to read other women's successful stories of birthing at home. It was almost as if I knew that because they could do it so could I. 

These books portrayed birth in a way I hadn't ever heard of prior. I grew up believing this idea that birth was dangerous and always needed medical assistance because that is what many of us are conditioned to believe by the media and society, however that is far from the truth.

 Birth Book Recommendations Full List

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Reading about birth in this new light was very inspiring and helped me get into the right mindset needed to have a successful homebirth. This is a very important step in homebirth preparation, I know because I've done it, twice! In fact I loved the preparation so much so that I became a doula and now I guide women on their journey's to a successful and empowering homebirth as well. 

This list of books I will be sharing with you are books that I have read as well as many of my clients. I hope that you go on to read some of them and are able to have your own beautiful homebirth experience!


Must Reads:
 Ina May's Guide to Childbirth
Birthing From Within
Birth Without Fear
Mindful Birthing
Active Birth
Home Birth on your Own Terms


Reading these books on your own can sometimes seem very daunting. I know at least for myself I tend to need the help of others to hold me accountable for my reading and keep me on track. Even when the books are so good and you don't quite need anyone to motivate you to read, it's nice to have others who are reading along with you to be able to share each others opinions and thoughts on the reading and really expand the knowledge coming from each book. 

This is why I created the Birth Book Club. Inside this exclusive club each month together we choose a book of the month and read it. We have a chat where we can discuss the book and pick topics from it that we can touch more on.

Whether you are currently pregnant planning for a homebirth, not yet pregnant but already preparing for a future homebirth, or even just a birthworker or birth nerd wanting to expand your knowledge on birth, this is a group for you!

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