Empowered Homebirth Course

So many birth classes, online courses, childbirth educators all teaching different techniques and methods for you to use during your birth. What most of these courses will teach you is all based around the medical system and birthing in the hospital. If you are planning a homebirth those courses will only validate what you already know which is the reason why you are even choosing to birth at home.

Mama, you are preparing for something that unfortunately only a very small percentage of women get to experience. You deserve to be guided through this journey by someone who understands what you are going through and has experienced what your ultimate goal is, an empowering homebirth!




    • 8 weeks of educational videos
    • Weekly emails filled with information and resources
    • Exclusive access to a private community
    • Priority response to private messages
    • Access to my entire resource library
    • and more!


    *** Emails are sent out every Monday and will contain video links for you to be able to replay at any time ***


    This course is essentially a collection of everything I have learned over the past 5 years as a mother whose births lit the fire of passion which then led to birthwork.

    I have had the privilege of experiencing three of my own births, two of which were absolutely empowering homebirths, and have had the absolute honor of guiding other women on their journey to empowering homebirths as well.

    Mama, you were made to birth and you without a doubt can have an empowered homebirth!


    Everything you need to birth is already deep inside of you.
    This program will not save you from birth. I will not save you from birth.
    As your virtual doula I will be guiding you down the path to your goal of an
    empowering birth at home!


    Take a look inside the program:

    WEEK ONE: Welcome Call & Introductions

    WEEK TWO: Nutrition, Supplements, & Remedies

    WEEK THREE: Midwives, Doulas, etc. & Your Support Team

    WEEK FOUR: Physiologic Birth Education

    WEEK FIVE: Labor Coping Techniques & Practice

    WEEK SIX: Fear Release, Breathe Work, & Affirmations

    WEEK SEVEN: Mindset Work, Intuition, & Your WHY

    WEEK EIGHT: Birth Planning, Manifesting, & Creative Visioning


    WEEK NINE: Postpartum Care & Postpartum Planning



    Price: $247