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Births at Home

Homebirth Doula Package

Homebirth Doula Package

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As your homebirth doula I walk with you every step of the way from your pregnancy to your birth, through those early postpartum weeks, and beyond into your motherhood journey.

Together we will meet three times during your pregnancy to go over topics that you choose from the following list: physiologic birth education, birth plans, mindset work, fear releasing, breastfeeding education, postpartum care and planning, and so much more! Each of those prenatal appointments will be around 2 hours each which means we will have plenty of time to really get to know each other before your birth!

Wondering what a prenatal appointment with me looks like? Imagine walking into a local coffee shop, maybe you've been there before or maybe it's somewhere new for you. We order some coffee and find a table to sit at. We chat for a bit about ourselves and our lives and then we dive deep into birth talk, which happens to be my favorite topic, (obviously) so I can just go on and on! I have printed out worksheets and resources for you and probably also have brought along a birth book for you to read from my lending library that I let you borrow until our next meeting. You leave the appointment feeling more confident and prepared for your homebirth!

For your birth I will be on call from around 38 weeks through 42 weeks (and beyond if needed). At any point during your labor whether it is in the early stages of labor or deeper into active labor as soon as you start to feel the need or even want for me to be there with you for support I will be available to come to you when you call for me. While you're in labor I am there to support you and your partner in any ways needed including physical and emotional support. I'll even snap a few photos and videos for you during any tiny pockets I can find throughout the time that I am there! I usually will stay until around two hours after you have given birth and can help with things like placenta aftercare, baby's first latch, your first postpartum meal, and more depending on what you need in those moments. 

We will then meet two more times for our postpartum visits which usually consists of birth story processing, breastfeeding support and resources, postpartum mental health support and resources, some light house-cleaning, baby-wearing while you rest, postpartum herbal sitz bath, again this will all be based off your individualized needs. I am there for you! These final visits will conclude my services as your doula.

The best part about reaching the end of my doula services is that now the beautiful connection we have made can grow into a blossoming long time friendship! So many of my clients have become my friends and we continue to talk to this day!

I cannot wait to walk with you on this journey, if you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me and we can get a free 30 minute consultation scheduled!

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To ensure longevity of your pullover, wash and dry inside out, or hang dry. Do not iron or dry clean.

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