The Homebirth Course

This course will teach you everything you need to know about homebirth AND how to prepare for it as well. You will feel confident and empowered in your decision to BIRTH AT HOME.



Hey Mama,

so you want to have a homebirth but let me guess...

your partner is against it because he thinks it's dangerous?

your family thinks you're crazy for not wanting to go to a hospital?

you're feeling insecure about your decision?


If you can relate to one or even all of these then you need to keep reading!

Not relating to any of these? Don't worry, the next paragraph WILL be for you! Continue scrolling!

The very first portion of this course is all about homebirth education which will include all of the information you will need to be able to properly inform and educate anyone who shares with you their own doubts and fears (maybe it might even be your own negative thoughts you need to silence). You may be thinking to yourself, "well I have already done all of the research and am properly educated on homebirth why would I need this portion of the course?" Great question! In that case this would be the perfect course for your partner or a family member who you're hoping to have beside you during the birth to take where they can learn everything you have already learned about homebirth except now it is all in one spot and easily accessible for them! Anyone who completes this portion of the course will no longer have any doubts or fears and will feel complete confidence in the decision to have a homebirth!

Ok so now you and your partner are informed and educated on everything there is to know about birthing at home but let me guess...

you don't know where to start in terms of preparation?

you feel unprepared for the actual event of giving birth at home?

you want to feel fully prepared when you go into labor?


Relating to any of these? Then the second and final portion of this course is just for you!

The homebirth preparation portion will include every form of preparation including but not limited to physically, mentally, environmentally, etc. Preparing your body, mind, and space are all essential when planning for a homebirth. Making sure every aspect of preparation is covered can be a crucial part of having a succesful homebirth. Once you complete this portion of the course you will feel prepared and ready to give birth at home!